Finished the reading challenge! 373 Pages

      For my last book I read the Second Summer of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. This is about the summer of four best friends who sometimes have to learn to be apart during the summer. One heads to Alabama while two stay home. Another goes to a school for personal interests for the summer. The four girls, Bridget, Tibby, Lena, Carmen, all are best friends and have to go through their own problems through the summer. Bridget is meeting her grandmother. Tibby is going to school away from her friends and family. Lena is dealing with boy troubles because of the boy she met  in Greece the previous summer. Then there is Carmen who is dealing with her mom starting to date again. I think this was a good book and I would rate it a ten out of ten. This is the second of three books.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants- 294 pages

       I read Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares. It was 294 pages long and part of a series. I think that the person who changed the most from the beginning of the book is Bridget. She is one of the four girls who the book is about. She used to play soccer and then she quit and became out of shape. But, then towards the end of this book she works herself to start playing soccer again. I would rate this book a ten out of ten. I think it is one of the most interesting books I have read.

Among the Brave Review

      I read the book Among the Brave by Margaret Peterson Haddix. It was 229 pages. It is about a boy who is a third child, which is illegal in the country he lives in. The book goes through the adventures he experiences while trying to save his friends from the government. A minor character who had major importance in the book would be Mr. Hendricks. This is the man that runs the school the children used to go to. In the end of the book when they have nowhere to go to be safe they go to Mr. Hendricks. He helps take care of them and keeps them safe for a while. Without Mr. Hendricks the kids would probably have died. This is the 5th book in the Shadow Children Series. I think the author’s purpose was to make a suspenseful novel that could keep people interested. I think the intended audience would be kids, but it appeals to someone of almost any age. I would give this book a 10 out of 10!

Princess in Love – 229 pages

         I read Princess in Love which is another book that is in the Princess Diaries series by Meg Cabot. This book is about how Mia has wanted a boyfriend her whole life,princess in love and then when she finally gets one, she doesn’t want a boyfriend. It is not that Mia doesn’t want a boyfriend it is just that she is in love with someone else. She can’t tell anyone though, because it is her best friend’s brother. The reason she doesn’t break up with her boyfriend since she doesn’t like him, is she wouldn’t have anyone to go to the dance with. Also, Kenny ,her boyfriend, helps her in school and she thinks if he doesn’t help her that her grades will suffer.

          I think this book was really interesting because it shows how sometimes being a teenager can be really hard. Mia always has a lot going on in her life such as dances, grades, her mother getting remarried to her teacher, finding out she is a princess, princess lessons, boy troubles, and just being a teenager. I think this book was one of the best of the princess diaries series because, I think it had one of the most interesting topics of the books in the series.

         I would recommend this book because, I think Meg Cabot is a great writer that really makes her books enjoyable to read, and something that you can relate to. I also think that these books are kind of a fun read and are something that almost all girls would enjoy reading because, you feel like you are reading a friend’s diary.

Princess Mia- 274 pages and Done!

      Princess Mia is another book in the princess Diaries series by Meg Cabot. This is the last book that is out there right now and I really enjoyed reading it. The genre is realistic fiction and I think an important theme from this book would be that don’t make your life all about one thing, and just move on. In this book Mia goes through some pretty hard times. First of all her boyfriend of two years and her brake up and then her best friend becomes mad at her and won’t even talk to her. Mia still has old friends and even makes a few new ones, but she can’t get over not having her ex best friend, Lilly, in her life.

      I thought this book was probably one of the best in the princess diaries series that I have read so far because it came with a surprise ending. I thought this book did a really good job with bringing most things to an end since it is the last book. I like the way Meg Cabot writes these books because every time I read one I feel like I can relate to it which is something I feel a lot of girls will be able to also! I thought this book was interesting because sometimes it was realistic and sometimes it isn’t because most girls who read this aren’t really princesses.

     I would reccommend this book because it is an interesting topic to read about, it has exciting twists, and finishes the series in a good way.

Missing Series book 2- Sent 313 pages

         Sent is the second book in the Missing Series. Jonah, Chip, Alex, and Katherine all travel back to the 15th century because that is supposed to be Chip and Alex’s correct time period. Katherine and Jonah come along because they wanted to go with their friends and help save them while getting back to the 21st century without changing history. In the 15th century Chip and Alex and supposed to be royalty, but history shows that they were murdered by their uncle. The group of friends have to make everyone think that they were murdered but still return to the 21st century alive. I think the theme of this book was to put others before yourself.

      I think the author, Margaret Peterson Haddix, achieved her purpose of writing the book because she probably wanted people to get interested by history and time travel. I think some strengths of this book are that it has good word choice and it is an interesting and complex topic. Some of the weaknesses I picked out from this book was that at times it could good confusing. Also, at times I felt like the story dragged on and didn”t have a point to some parts.

     I would reccomed this book because it has exciting twists and turns throughout the book, there is lessons within the book, and you can learn more about history. If you do read Sent  remember to read the first book, Found, first.


All About the Book Found- 320 pages

        Found is part 1 of the Missing trilogy by Margaret Peterson Haddix. This Science Fiction novel is about two kids. Two boys, Chip and Jonah, and Jonah’s sister, Katherine who have to find out who they are in life. Jonah and Chip are both adopted and they get letters in the mail that they think may link to their adoption. When they look in to their adoption they found out some information, but everything seems to be top secret. Jonah and Chip can’t find out who they are. They get people’s names from papers in the FBI’s office and they contact those people. One of the girls they contact tells them that they may have been on a plane full of babies when they were younger. Then they start researching time travel and everything gets confusing for them.

          I would say this is one of the best books I have ever read because normally I don’t like science fiction novels, but I really liked this one. I was surprised I liked this book, which is why I give the author so much respect. I thought this book was really interesting because it was a really complex it some parts, but the author kept it simple enough so I could always understand what was going on.

        I would reccomened this book because there is a cliff hanger in most chapters, and at the end of the book. The three characters have many different theories which keeps the book interesting, and it is a well written book so you probably won’t get confused as you read it.

Princess in the Spotlight 225 pages

       Meg Cabot is the author of the Princess Diaries series. The genre of this book was realistic fiction and I think the theme of the book is to show the challenges of being a teen. Mia Thermopolis was just a regular teen until she figures out that she is the princess of a country! Princess in the Spotlight is one of many books in the Princess Diaries series. The whole book is written in the perspective of Mia. The book is Mia’s journal that she writes everything in. Mia describes herself as kind of a nerdy girl that doesn’t have too many friends. This year Mia has a boyfriend and a lot of things have changed because of her becoming a princess. In part of the book she is in Geneovia which is the country that her family rules. Throughout the book her grandmother is teaching her how to eat, talk, walk, and act like a princess.

       I like the books writing style because it is all in perspective of a teen. I think this makes it more interesting because it feels like you are reading something that you wrote yourself.

       I found this book interesting because it is something that you can relate to but with a twist that makes it something different. I think the different characters personalities made the book more entertaining.

       I reccommend this book because teen girls could relate to her high school life, it has different events of every page, and it keeps you interested for the next book in the series.


Ana’s Story- An Inspiratitonal Story by Jenna Bush- 290 pages

          Ana’s Story, is a biography written about a girl, Ana, who was born HIV positive.  Ana’s story is a book written by our former president’s daughter, Jenna Bush. Jenna gets all of her information directly from Ana. Ana doesn’t remember all the details from her childhood, but she does remember that she was transported from home to home. Jenna Bush does a lot of work with UNICEF and she got to meet Ana through those experiences. She was touched by Ana because she struggled as a child to find safety and love in any of the homes she stayed in. This book also talks about HIV/AIDS and helped inform people about it. I think this story gives the theme to be thankful for what you have, because people out there may have a tougher life.

          I liked the reading style of this book because biography’s sometimes help you realize how lucky you are. Also, I think this story really touched me since it tells about someone that had a rough journey. I also like the writing style since it helps inform people about HIV/AIDS. It gave information from prevention to the myths of the disease.

           I think this book is good for kids in the teen years to any age adults. I think kids younger than that might not understand the theme of the book or some of the information included. I think it is beneficial for teens to read this because it can help teach them the effects of HIV and can teach them many other lessons. I think adults would enjoy reading this because it is a story that everyone can take to heart and learn from.

         I would recommend this book because it is an informational book, it includes an inspirational story, and it can help people realize the different life styles people live in this world.