Ana’s Story- An Inspiratitonal Story by Jenna Bush- 290 pages

          Ana’s Story, is a biography written about a girl, Ana, who was born HIV positive.  Ana’s story is a book written by our former president’s daughter, Jenna Bush. Jenna gets all of her information directly from Ana. Ana doesn’t remember all the details from her childhood, but she does remember that she was transported from home to home. Jenna Bush does a lot of work with UNICEF and she got to meet Ana through those experiences. She was touched by Ana because she struggled as a child to find safety and love in any of the homes she stayed in. This book also talks about HIV/AIDS and helped inform people about it. I think this story gives the theme to be thankful for what you have, because people out there may have a tougher life.

          I liked the reading style of this book because biography’s sometimes help you realize how lucky you are. Also, I think this story really touched me since it tells about someone that had a rough journey. I also like the writing style since it helps inform people about HIV/AIDS. It gave information from prevention to the myths of the disease.

           I think this book is good for kids in the teen years to any age adults. I think kids younger than that might not understand the theme of the book or some of the information included. I think it is beneficial for teens to read this because it can help teach them the effects of HIV and can teach them many other lessons. I think adults would enjoy reading this because it is a story that everyone can take to heart and learn from.

         I would recommend this book because it is an informational book, it includes an inspirational story, and it can help people realize the different life styles people live in this world.

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