Princess in the Spotlight 225 pages

       Meg Cabot is the author of the Princess Diaries series. The genre of this book was realistic fiction and I think the theme of the book is to show the challenges of being a teen. Mia Thermopolis was just a regular teen until she figures out that she is the princess of a country! Princess in the Spotlight is one of many books in the Princess Diaries series. The whole book is written in the perspective of Mia. The book is Mia’s journal that she writes everything in. Mia describes herself as kind of a nerdy girl that doesn’t have too many friends. This year Mia has a boyfriend and a lot of things have changed because of her becoming a princess. In part of the book she is in Geneovia which is the country that her family rules. Throughout the book her grandmother is teaching her how to eat, talk, walk, and act like a princess.

       I like the books writing style because it is all in perspective of a teen. I think this makes it more interesting because it feels like you are reading something that you wrote yourself.

       I found this book interesting because it is something that you can relate to but with a twist that makes it something different. I think the different characters personalities made the book more entertaining.

       I reccommend this book because teen girls could relate to her high school life, it has different events of every page, and it keeps you interested for the next book in the series.


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