Princess Mia- 274 pages and Done!

      Princess Mia is another book in the princess Diaries series by Meg Cabot. This is the last book that is out there right now and I really enjoyed reading it. The genre is realistic fiction and I think an important theme from this book would be that don’t make your life all about one thing, and just move on. In this book Mia goes through some pretty hard times. First of all her boyfriend of two years and her brake up and then her best friend becomes mad at her and won’t even talk to her. Mia still has old friends and even makes a few new ones, but she can’t get over not having her ex best friend, Lilly, in her life.

      I thought this book was probably one of the best in the princess diaries series that I have read so far because it came with a surprise ending. I thought this book did a really good job with bringing most things to an end since it is the last book. I like the way Meg Cabot writes these books because every time I read one I feel like I can relate to it which is something I feel a lot of girls will be able to also! I thought this book was interesting because sometimes it was realistic and sometimes it isn’t because most girls who read this aren’t really princesses.

     I would reccommend this book because it is an interesting topic to read about, it has exciting twists, and finishes the series in a good way.

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