Princess in Love – 229 pages

         I read Princess in Love which is another book that is in the Princess Diaries series by Meg Cabot. This book is about how Mia has wanted a boyfriend her whole life,princess in love and then when she finally gets one, she doesn’t want a boyfriend. It is not that Mia doesn’t want a boyfriend it is just that she is in love with someone else. She can’t tell anyone though, because it is her best friend’s brother. The reason she doesn’t break up with her boyfriend since she doesn’t like him, is she wouldn’t have anyone to go to the dance with. Also, Kenny ,her boyfriend, helps her in school and she thinks if he doesn’t help her that her grades will suffer.

          I think this book was really interesting because it shows how sometimes being a teenager can be really hard. Mia always has a lot going on in her life such as dances, grades, her mother getting remarried to her teacher, finding out she is a princess, princess lessons, boy troubles, and just being a teenager. I think this book was one of the best of the princess diaries series because, I think it had one of the most interesting topics of the books in the series.

         I would recommend this book because, I think Meg Cabot is a great writer that really makes her books enjoyable to read, and something that you can relate to. I also think that these books are kind of a fun read and are something that almost all girls would enjoy reading because, you feel like you are reading a friend’s diary.

3 thoughts on “Princess in Love – 229 pages

  1. That book sounds interesting, actually the whole series done. I saw the Princess Diaries movies, but I never knew there were books.

  2. I didn’t relize this was a book series. I’d heard of the movie, but now since I’ve been exposed to the books, I think I’ll start reading them! Great blog post!

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